Who We Are

The very foundation brick of Algon as a company is cooperation and absolute dedication to quality. Algon has experienced substantial growth but, more than growth we have established a name that has come to be synonymous with quality assurance. As a private construction firm in Dallas, we have completed a variety of projects from remodeling to ground up constructions with a proven reputation for delivering exceptional services; throughout the entire process.

Our crew of experts gives us the confidence to bring unmatched construction knowledge, capability and finesse to each and every project. Our combined knowledge, understanding and decades of experience allow us to produce quality work and timely execution.

Algon has a sound financial foundation. We have always been particular about the way we go about doing our business, ethical practices are at the core of our business model and an integral factor in the success of our company. Algon was established due to a strong partnership that has remained steadfast for the last 15 years and that takes trust, passion and commitment; the very ingredients we bring to all our projects. We always try to surpass expectations and maintain value across-the-board.

Our service, quality and communication have ensured us referrals and repeat clients every time over the last decade. To us, our clients are just as important as the project, their input is essential and we like to consider ourselves as a bridge between their aims and success.